Whether you’ve never made a test before, want to polish your A/B testing skills or are interested in advanced customer journey personalization, this free 7-day email course will arm you with everything you need to convert traffic into revenue.

The 7-Day B2B Funnel Optimization Course

In this first lesson, we will discuss why you should focus your efforts on CRO versus traditional channel like SEO & PPC. 

Why CRO?

Day 1

Learn how to increase your revenue through Testing, Personalization, and Customer Journey Optimization.

In Day 2, we will talk about some easy A/B tests that you can start seeing results from right away.

A/B Tests Ideas

Day 2

On Day 3, we will discuss software tools to get the most out of your CRO efforts.

Testing Tools

Day 3
One test is easy, creating a culture of continual testing isn't. On Day 4, we'll talk about how to create a winning testing gameplan within your marketing team. 

Creating a Testing Culture

Day 4
Do you know where your customers are in their buying journey? On Day 5, we'll talk about creating customer journey maps, and how it can impact your marketing ROI. 

The Customer Journey

Day 5
To really get the most value out of CRO, you need to personalize your website to every visitor segment. On Day 6, we will do a personalization deep dive.


Day 6
Day 7

Personalization Part 2

On Day 7, we are going to discuss some advanced personalization techniques. This lesson is perfect for smart marketing executives who want to take their testing to the next level.

What’s Inside

Course Author

CEO, FunnelEnvy

Arun Sivashankaran

As CEO of FunnelEnvy.com, Arun has lead optimization efforts for clients including BMI, HP Enterprise, Optimizely, Zillow, and VMware. Arun is an industry leader in everything CRO, Customer Journey Optimization, and has been asked to speak nationally on these topics. 
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